Humpback Highway is getting crowded

The 'humpback highway' is becoming more congested, with a record number of whales expected on their annual migration. 

National Parks and Wildlife whale spokesman Lawrence Orel told The Daily Telegraph that up to 20,000 giants of the deep would pass along the coast in the next few months — a far cry from the days when the magnificent beasts were almost wiped out by whaling. 

“In the early 1960s, humpback whales were nearly wiped out — numbers were estimated at 500,” Mr Orel said. “Since the cessation of whaling, numbers have slowly been increasing.” 

The first humpbacks migrating from Antarctic waters to the Coral Sea have already been spotted off Port Macquarie. 

Larger, regular groups of whales are expected to begin passing in the next few weeks. The July school holidays will be the ideal opportunity to take a winter break in Port Macquarie to see these great beauties.

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Humpback Highway is getting crowded